Exterior video and light projections for Plymouth Community Youth Websites (UK) used to launch a new community youth website for Plymouth regeneration.

Sixth form students from Hele's School in Plympton joined up with Alex Rowbotham to light up Plymouth city centre with a series of giant animated, slogans projected onto prominent buildings.

Visitors to the city centre on the evening of 27th January 2005 were treated to the light show to mark the official launch of the 'Plymouth Mouth', an interactive living history website produced by Coleridge Productions. A project which enables students to log stories and discuss issues related to the city's regeneration.

Alex Rowbotham provided workshops and guidance to the sixth form students. Working with Coleridge Productions and with the help from Plymouth Collage of Art facilities he was able to help the students realise their designs and get them displayed as large-scale projections.

The project's logo is a glossy pair of red lips and this was one of the images beamed onto the walls of the Plymouth Guildhall. Dingles provided an excellent screen for the grand scale animations, encouraging passers by to ‘Use their Mouth’ on issues affecting the city.

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