Working with the Italian association Luce Dipinta who was invited to participate in the 2018 edition of the Water Light Festival in Brixen, Italy.

The concept is centered on the importance of the natural resource of water that should not be wasted, nor taken for granted. Water is not only for those who use it but for those who live in it. The installation reSolution is highlighting the results of climate change relating to water, including floods, receding glaciers/ice caps, fires, desertification through drought. Moreover, it shows the industrial and agricultural waste, the quality of water after use, polluted seas, the everyday use and recycling.

A tower was constructed to contain all the projection equipment at a height to avoid obstructions and creating shadows. The event kicked off on 10th May and ran for 17 consecutive nights. At 10 minutes in length it was repeated four times per hour from 9pm until midnight.


Brixen/Bressanone Tourism Association

Video: 10 minutes with audio.