Opening ceremony of the iconic Meydan Grandstand and Racecourse 2010, UAE, incorporating the world's largest LED screen with 18 huge 'sails' for projection.

The Dubai World Cup 2010 offered horse racing enthusiasts and the glitterati the hospitality only the Emirates can provide. The iconic Meydan Grandstand and Racecourse – the new home of the Dubai World Cup – with an extension of the programme which meant that the meeting staged a total of eight races, making the meeting worth a phenomenal US$26.25million. All overlooked by the impressive Meydan Hotel.

One of the many logistical challenges that M-is faced for this Son et Lumière was that the racing had to be viewable around the track at all times.

The solution was automated projection sails that could be raised and lowered to fit in with the race schedule. This was an engineering task on a gigantic scale. The race track is over 1km from end to end and because the projection screens had to supplement the 110m wide track-side screen at times throughout the event, these screens could not be small. Therefore fifteen 25m x 14m portrait screens were constructed (by Starhire group). These were lit by doubled Barco XLM HD30 projectors in a portrait orientation, simplifying line up issues created by larger numbers of more readily available projectors.

Watchout 4 was chosen as the system for replay and content management for the projection screens and track-side LED. With back up this involved 36 channels of replay, including video capture enabling camera feeds to be displayed. Over 17 tonnes of equipment were supplied by Creative Technology from their London office and Dubai operation.

Alex Rowbotham programmed Watchout in London and on-site at Meydan. The concept and design, including soundtrack, video clips, graphic material and media assets were created by M-is and related production staff and suppliers.

Under the terms of the contract, following the event no related images or videos could be displayed here. The images now appearing were added 24/01/2017.

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